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Dog Is Not Phased By The Roomba Attempting To Clean Him

I’ve been holding off on buying a Roomba. Not because I enjoy pushing around a heavy, awkward vacuum cleaner or emptying out ten pounds of...

Signs of Stress in Pet Birds

Stress can play a large role in the overall health of both humans and companion animals. Because pet birds are naturally very sensitive creatures,...

Is it necessary to bath cats?

Everyone knows very well how many kittens are allergic to water. Of course, there are exceptions and we have met some of them. But...

How Many Fish Should Go in Your Aquarium?

Virtually every fish owner has gazed at their aquarium and wondered just how many fish can be put in there. Unfortunately, aquariums don't come...

This enjoyment for sure has not seen you for long

Mud is for some dog fun. They do not have a happier and happier moment than when they come across a beautiful muddy lake...