As with black cats and black dogs, there is a belief that they bring misfortune, because most associations and shelters suffer from fatigue in black dogs. They call them hard-nosed dogs and say that it’s not clear to them why this is happening.

A few years ago, the campaign was also launched “When small arms are fixed and black muzzle can be cured can”. The campaign had little success, which was in fact another proof that there was obviously some problem with that black color and the pets.

Of course there are owners of black animals who usually come up and comment that black animals are the most beautiful, but from various associations they say to us like this: “When we find a litter of little abandoned puppies, they are always first brighter, colorful and the last ones are black.”

Black dogs are really, without redundant and over-sized compliments, very often the most beautiful dogs, the smartest, the most practical, the sweetest and the most reliable. And that is what we are sure to be concerned about, and that is why they are one of the most difficult and more absurd categories. Do you have an idea how to help black snipers to find a home forever?

We bring you 10 reasons why you need a very black dog.

1. Black dogs are faithful and companionable just like other dogs in “colors”.
2. They look mysterious and graceful.
3. It’s easier to keep them clean (because they see everything on the black panties).
4. They are great for protection – some people think that black dogs look awkward, so why not take this assumption to protect them from hard-pressed people.
5. Ready for every official event – just add a tiny sweet tie and have a dog in your suit.
6. They drop off in winter, especially in the snow.
7. Actually, it will look great on almost every photo.
8. Natural Heaters – Science says black attracts and absorbs heat, which means that you can squeeze in the winter with your hairy heater.
9. Everyone will notice you because you will probably be one of the few with the late black dog.
10. Free for adoption in all possible variants, small, medium, large, short-haired and long-haired.

So if you’re thinking of a new pet, why would not that be some beautiful black-eyed beauty or some graceful black lady?


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