PIT BUL BEAR remained silent after he hit the car and his owner left him after the accident. The Animal Protection Society took him to the vet where the mother of the new Bear’s foster mother works. She met him the next day after surgery and fell in love with him. By then she had never seen a dog without her eyes.

Bear had two operations, but there was no salvation for his eyes, but he, like all the bullets, was a great fighter. It has been well-adapted and has no problem finding new friends.

His fiancé with him regularly goes hiking in which both enjoy. Though he gets tired and sometimes difficult, Bear does not hesitate and faithfully follows his human friend.

The owner admits that Bear is sometimes a little spoiled and knows how to make some misfortune, but she does not reproach him because he thinks he deserves all the happiness of this world and that small disadvantages are allowed.

Bear trains with a clicker and gets a good hold of new material. This is another proof that dogs successfully overcome new situations even when they are lacking vision, amputation of the foot or any other problem they have never encountered.