DOGS are our faithful and best friends who beautify our lives. We look at them growing up and together with them we create unforgettable memories.

We smile while they know the world around them when they are clumsy and confused. They are happy with our clumsy running, playful whims, crazed sniffs and happy eyes.

Their rattles are perpetually wandering, and we know that this must be love. Let’s watch them grow and from awkward puppies become fearless guys and guys.

They test us with their disadvantages and delight themselves with their intelligence. With them we have their last breath and anyone who has passed such an adventure must admit that dogs are truly amazing beings and that our lives without them might be boring.

Love your pets, spend good time with them, and keep in mind that they give us immense love and that is the least we can do to give them back their service – to love and respect them.


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