Craving and dogging a dog does not like any owner, but to raise a dog in the right way, sometimes it is necessary to do it. Many people put their dogs in the wrong way. We give you five of the most common mistakes that owners make in punishing.

1. Many owners hack the dog even though it has been too long after the unwanted action has taken place. Often, dogs do something they can not do when we are not home. Many owners of their dogs decide to punish when they return, but if the dogs did it a few hours ago, as much as possible, they will not be aware of why you punish them.

2. Exaggeration in punishment is by no means good. Many owners exaggerate with derision, flapping their hands, and even hitting. Dogs understand what we are talking about, if we talk to them in time, so it is not necessary to overdo the penalties.

3. You do not need to push the muzzle of your pet into a urine or chair whenever they need them where they do not need it. Although many owners do this, it is not desirable because the dogs’ anger of the owners can be associated with emergency care and can thus create fear from the same, and this can lead to health problems.

4. You do not need to bite your dog after he was knocked on another dog. This coitus is often a message to another dog that tells your dog that he does not like his behavior. If you bemoan him for that, next time he could bark the other dog without warning just because he felt threatened.

5. The worst mistake is definitely inconsistency, because if the owner constantly does other things to punish his dog, or if he changes the “rules” of punishment, the dog will be very confused and will not be able to behave. If you punish him one day for climbing on your bed, and for the second day you invite him to climb up to him, he will not know what is right for those two options. Psima needs stability and rules that do not change.