Everyone knows very well how many kittens are allergic to water. Of course, there are exceptions and we have met some of them. But the question arises – is maca needed bathing ?! Although cats are very capable when it comes to hygiene, sometimes they need our help. Cats need to swim when the fur has something dangerous or poisonous when it is too foggy, bulging, or numb.

People who are allergic to cats and want to have a cat in their home, swimming can kill the most allergens. Cats health can be “read” through her fur. If the fur is unguarded, disloyal, insidious, and if it is canceled, the cat is ill and then the veterinary surgeon needs help. Changes are most noticeable along the spine.

The frequency of bathing depends on the type, age and health of the cat. Swaddling of cats is more common because, due to the many wrinkles on the skin of the fats that grease are not distributed equally. By bathing it harmonizes and reduces the risk of excessive reproduction of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. But most cats can not withstand water.

Water encounters for them are somewhat traumatic and terrible. Just because the majority of owners had the chance to see the cats that are great opponents of the water, we bring you a video that says exactly the opposite. These cats love water and all the activities related to her.