Anyone with a pussy knows how much they like to hang in comfortable beds and couches, just when you decide to sleep. We are sure their presence does not bother anyone, but do you know why they do it? First of all, cats love comfort. Comfortable beds for them are the perfect place to sleep.

In addition, cats worship the heat, and the human body is like a radiator and because of that they love to sleep next to you. Another reason is security. They are safe besides you, and every human being loves the feeling of security and unreasonableness. The fourth reason why cats sleep in your bed is that they do not really think your bed is that they are their bed.

You will still let them join because they trust you. And last but most important reason is love. Yes, the cats are sleeping with you because they love you. The fact is that the cats are independent, sometimes insensitive, but you still love them. If they are sleeping with you, be assured of it!

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