Huskies have an adorable howl, which at times can sound plaintive, or argumentative, or just whiny. We’re not sure why they do it – but they seem to get a kick out of it. What do you think the huskies in this video are doing?

Do you think these pups are whining at mama husky? She has a retort for them, if that’s the case. It doesn’t seem like they’re going to get their way.

It could be a howling lesson. We may not know why they howl, but it’s a skill these puppies must learn – how are they going to argue with their people when they’re older if they don’t know how to howl?

Then again, it could be a concert they’re putting on for their human. They may have had some training, but if so, musical training wasn’t it. Sounds like maybe Flight of the Valkyries. Have a listen.

Whatever they’re doing, the howl is loud and clear! If you love Huskies, the sound of a howling litter might be music to your ears. To others, it could be just a cuter-than-average ruckus.