At least once in a lifetime you are sure that cats always come to your feet. Have a pet cat or not, that’s the thing you need to know. But have you ever wondered how it looks when their decline is slowed down? BBC One’s “Life in the Air” educational program showed video that animals, because of their bodies, can defy gravity.

In this case, it is a desert dive (karakal) where a flexible spine allows an aerial carriage during which it can rotate at the front and the rear end of the body, resulting in a finishing touch to the feet.

This is a so-called. an erection reflex that helps animals during the fall of preparation for the worse grounding. Not only for cats, but for primates, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and even some types of lizards. Whether the animal is greeted on its feet or not, and whether it will hurt, it depends on many factors, such as height from where the animal falls, its weight, airflow, etc.