The City of La Vista, Nebraska is taking a different approach to getting its shelter pets adopted. The La Vista Police Department and the Nebraska Humane Society have been teaming up to give locals a fresh look at the faces that have been living in their local shelter’s kennels. The program is called “K-9 For A Day,” and it’s getting shelter dogs a boost in exposure to help them get adopted!

The program took off in the Fall of 2017, when shelter pup, Mickey, had his ride along with Officer Jeanette. Mickey, a 6-year-old pit mix, had been passed over in the shelter time after time. His breed type, high-energy, and need to be an only-pet didn’t help him win over potential adopters who were searching for a pet. He had been at the shelter for several months by the time he had his ride along with Officer Jeanette.

Together, Mickey and Officer Jeanette visited a few locations where he could meet and greet people who may have never set foot in a shelter. For a few sweet hours he got to ride in a police cruiser, soak up the love of the townspeople, and leave the noisy shelter environment behind!

Without other dogs around and in a less stressful environment, Mickey was able to really shine. People who may not have considered a pit bull breed got to see how sweet and gentle a dog like Mickey could be. A couple saw his story on the news and fell in love – just a few days later, Mickey was home!

The program continued through 2018 with other dogs. Though not every dog gets to be a K-9 for a day, the ones that do have a better chance of being adopted! The shelter can be stressful for dogs – especially those that don’t get along well with other dogs. Adoptable pups who seem scared or unfriendly can really benefit from a change in environment, where they can let themselves relax.

The City of La Vista doesn’t know when their next shelter dog will have their day, but you can follow the Nebraska Humane Society on Facebook to stay in the loop!

Featured Photo: La Vista Police Department/Facebook