Giraffes have been added to the list of animals threatened with extinction. The number of giraffes in the world is falling every day and this fact is more sad. For this reason, giraffes have been added to the red list of the International Alliance for the Conservation of Nature.

Two different subgroups of giraffes have been declared critically endangered, while many others have been added to the list of vulnerable ones, or the list of those who are threatened the same, if things are not changed. It has been estimated that in the last thirty years the number of giraffes has been reduced by as much as forty percent.

It all happens because of man and his activities like curl, trophy hunting and the shrinking of the natural habitat of these animals, because of their “needs”. It has been estimated that there are less than a hundred thousand giraffes in the world, and in many countries they have completely disappeared.

So its very clear that this is serious warning!