Kittens were abandoned in the industrial area as long as one man did not observe them and rescued them. He was surprised that some of the kittens had huge, “bear” paws. Small miccs were old about seven weeks and were found early in September.

The man who managed to catch them and save them took six in the Chatillon Orphelians Montreal center, to help them and find their home forever. One kitten had enormous happiness and immediately found her home.

Two kittens are born with congenital physical abnormalities and have more fingers on their mows than others. One pussy has two thumbs and an extra fingers on the couch. This anomaly is inborn and cats in everyday life do not mind too much.

These special kittens have found their warm homes within a month of being loved just like they are. What they had been missing were virtues. Everyone up to the rank are very compassionate and playful. Do you have an animal with multiple fingers?