Rambo the Golden Retriever has turned his love for riding in vehicles into quite the little career! On any given day, Rambo can be found sitting atop one of owner, Albert Reid’s plows, mowers or tractors.

The six-year-old pup’s behavior isn’t just for show. He actually helps his master with mowing lawns, plowing fields, harvesting corn, trimming hedges – and drawing crowds!



According to Rambo’s dad, people from their hometown of County Down, Northern Ireland flock to his home to catch a glimpse of the tractor-driving pooch.

Rambo has been Reid’s constant companion ever since he was a puppy. Whether working on the plow or riding into town in Reid’s Land Rover, Rambo has just one flaw. He refuses to climb into any vehicle. Instead, he waits patiently for Reid to lift him.




H/T to the UK Mirror

Featured Screenshot via SWNS TV